Back in 2001, we started selling on eBay, quickly working our way up to Top Rated Power Seller Status. We pride ourselves on having sold 1,000’s of items over the years for the highest possible price points. We can do that for you!

What we will do is find the right buyer for your new and gently-used luxury menswear and accessories as well as women’s handbags and shoes. That might be in our brick and mortar store in Metuchen, NJ, on our website, or on our eBay page.

Why let clothes gather dust in your closet? If you are not wearing them let us sell them for you at the highest possible price. Then you can take that money and buy more things, go on vacation or redecorate your home! What’s New Men’s Consignment provides a valuable service to fashionable men and women. If you have clothing that is just too valuable to give away, we provide a unique service where you are able to earn back some of your original investment and receive the maximum return for the clothing and accessories that you no longer wear and that until now would just take up space in your closet.

What’s New Men’s Consignment is a name that is known in the industry for carrying high-end designer menswear and accessories. To attract potential buyers, and keep them coming back, What’s New Men’s Consignment uses our vast knowledge of brands, stores, and labels to authenticate and provide accurate information to prospective buyers. Our in-house professional studio photographers photograph your items multiple times to ensure the best possible angles and highlight your products in unique ways. We also have an in-house seamstress to provide detailed measurements.

For clients with large amounts of clothing and accessories What’s New Men’s Consignment offers our exclusive Consignment Concierge Service where one of our knowledgeable consignment specialists will go to your home, and review your merchandise there. We will then take it back for processing and sale online and in-store.

You can find the men’s designers we accept here and women’s designers here .

Consign with us!