Consignment Terms


  • Clothing can be dropped off, clean (dry cleaned and/or laundered) on hangers, during store hours.
  • Upon acceptance of a consignment, the consignor will receive an itemized list with the prices the merchandise will initially be offered at in What’s New Men’s Consignment’s retail storefront location.
  • Items mailed to What’s New Men’s Consignment for consignment must have an inventory list written or printed and included in the box with the items when they are sent in. Items lost in transit on the way to What’s New Men’s Consignment, or otherwise lost before they are in What’s New Men’s Consignment’s physical possession, are the responsibility of the consignor.
  • Items that are not accepted for consignment must be picked up or sent back at the consignor’s expense within 7 days. Items that are not picked up/sent back will be donated to a charity/non-profit organization of our choice.
  • The consignment period is 90 days starting from the date the merchandise is offered for sale. The merchandise is marked down 25% after 30 days and 50% after 60 days.

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  • What’s New Men’s Consignment may run sales and promotions for dollars off, or a percentage off of the listed prices. If an item sells at a discounted price, the consignor understands that they will be paid based on the discounted price and not the listed price.
  • The consignor will receive 50% of the gross selling price.
  • The consignor may receive more that 50% if What’s New Men’s Consignment is running a consignment promotion for the category of merchandise being consigned.
  • Consignment checks for sales in the retail store are paid during the 3rd week of the month following the sale.
  • Items that require tailoring/repair, dry cleaning or shoe polishing in order to make them marketable will have the cost of this work deducted from the gross sale price prior to calculating the consignor’s commission. No work will be done to a consignor’s item without first explaining the details and obtaining permission.
  • Some items will be eligible to be listed in our eBay store. What’s New Men’s Consignment will not list consigned merchandise for sale on eBay without first obtaining permission from the consignor.
  • The price that the item is listed on eBay may vary from the price at which it is offered in the storefront.
  • What’s New Men’s Consignment has the right to extend the consignment period of items that are listed on eBay for up to an additional 180 days.
  • Items that sell on eBay with free shipping will have the shipping charge deducted from the gross sale price prior to calculating the consignor’s commission.
  • Consignor payments for sales made on eBay may be delayed until the sale clears eBay’s return period and/or until positive feedback is received from the buyer.
  • If a consignment is made during a promotion offering consignor commissions of over that 50% and the item sells on eBay, the consignor will be responsible for paying the 9% eBay fee for that sale.
  • If an item that is listed on eBay is taken back by the consignor prior to the end of the consignment period, the consignor will be assessed a fee for each item of $15 or 15% or the items original listed price, whichever is greater.
  • What’s New Men’s Consignment reserves the right to accept only clothing which is current (with the exception of vintage items) and in like-new condition.
  • In the unlikely event that there is a loss due to fire, theft or natural disaster, Intelligent Resale, LLC, its owner and employees will be held harmless. Claims will be limited to the insurance policy currently in effect for Intelligent Resale, LLC through Liberty Mutual.


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