How does the consignment process work?

You can bring your items to our store in Metuchen NJ, you can call for a pickup if you live within 50 miles of the store or you can receive a free shipping label and send us your items. Items that are left with us on consignment are offered for sale in our store AND on eBay if we believe there is a market for the item on the internet. When you drop off your items, we will take a quick look to see which items fit our business model. You will receive a receipt with a list of what was dropped off. Within 2 business days, you will receive a statement via email with a list of the items that were accepted for consignment and the prices they will be offered at. You can read our consignment terms here.

How do you price?

We price our items based on what we believe is fair market value. Our opinion of fair market value is based on the following:

  • Items we have sold in the past
  • The retail value of the item
  • The condition of the item
  • Recent sale prices of similar items on the internet

Which designers do you accept?

We accept premium, high-end and luxury brand clothing. We also accept high-quality custom tailored clothing. We offer our merchandise to a world-wide market, so anything that is high quality, fashionable and in excellent condition may be presented to us for consideration. Most of the items that we sell originally had retail prices that would seem expensive to the average budget-minded consumer.

We accept these Men’s Designers and these Women’s Handbags & Shoes Designer List.

good looking man in blue suit with bow tie and sunglassesDo you guarantee authenticity?

We do. Authenticity is paramount at What’s New Men’s Consignment. All our items are put through a multi-point, brand-specific authentication before they are accepted into our store for consignment. We inspect all goods for appropriate brand markings, date codes, serial tags, and hologram stickers. Everything passes through our strict authenticity tests before we will accept it and offer it for sale.

If we have reason to be concerned about an item’s authenticity, we either return the item in question to the consignor, consult with an industry expert who is familiar with the brand we are working with or submit pictures to an independent authentication company for their verification. What’s New Men’s Consignment stands behind all of the products we accept on consignment and offer for sale. We have a long history of authentication since we have been in business selling worldwide on eBay for over 15 years and have consistently maintained their highest seller ratings.

Do you accept vintage merchandise?

We do accept vintage clothing, however, we are extremely selective. Some of our favorite vintage items include Levi’s jeans, tweed blazers, hand tailored topcoats, Pendleton shirts, ‘70’s flannel shirts and plaid dress pants

When will I receive my consignor payment?

Payments are sent out at the beginning of the 3rd week of the month following the sale.

couple shopping

What happens to unaccepted items?

Items that are not accepted for consignment must be picked up within 7 days of receiving notification from us. If you do not wish to receive your items back we will gladly donate them to charity.

What happens if I consign items and then want them back?

If you consign an item and decide that you want it back it is no problem unless the item was listed on eBay. If you want a consigned item back that we listed on eBay, there is a fee which is outlined in our consignment terms.

How do I reclaim my unsold consignment items?

Items that are not sold can be picked up at the end of the consignment period. Call the store at 732.662.1900 or send us an email at consign@whatsnewmensconsignment.com advising us that you intend to pick up your unsold items. Another option is we can donate those items to charity.